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Immediate medical attention for severe injuries and diseases brings significant improvement in the health condition of the patient. An ambulance is a medically equipped vehicle that carries patients to the respective health centers. These vehicles are well equipped to respond to medical conditions and have flashing warning lights and sirens which help them find a way through busy traffic. The ambulances serve a variety of purposes including transporting paramedics to the scene of the accident, carrying equipment for medical care, and also the patients to the respective medical centers.

Common Personnel in an Ambulance

An ambulance is medically equipped to look after a patient suffering from critical injuries. Medical professionals trained in different aspects of healthcare sometimes accompany patients in an ambulance.

  • The first responder is the person who arrives immediately at the scene of the incident. They may provide critical care like cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) or may handle an automated external defibrillator
  • An ambulance driver who drives the patient to the hospital
  • A non-emergency attendant who usually handles transporting the patient in a stretcher or wheelchair
  • An emergency care assistant who helps the paramedic in drawing up drugs, and setting up all the fluids for treating the patient
  • An emergency medical technician who usually performs BLS, defibrillation, oxygen therapy, and controls the bleeding in patients

Ambulance at Dhyan Health Care

Dhyan Health Care provides excellent services in transporting the patients to the Hospital and offers efficient medical attention.

  • The ambulance is well equipped with a ventilator for patients who suffer from respiratory problems
  • The ambulance is fully air-conditioned to regulate the temperature inside the vehicle
  • The staff at Dhyan Health Careare trained in Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • Basic Life Support helps to save the life of the patient at the site of occurrence.
  • The clinic trains almost 100-200 people per week in Basic Life Support
  • The treatment begins as soon as the team reaches the patient
  • The patient is transferred to the ambulance without interrupting the medical attention given to the patient
  • The patient is safely transported to the clinic to avail effective treatments

Dr. Sivakumar and his team offer one of the finest treatments at Dhyan Health Care. They help you find the root cause of your disease and offers relief from your condition.

Authored By Dr.V.Sivakumar (M.B.B.S., M.D., FIPM)

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