Mechanical Ventilator

A Mechanical Ventilator Breathes for you when you cannot!

Illnesses and injuries can come as a surprise. These injuries may leave you at the risk of not being able to perform functions that you once did with so much ease. Difficulty in mobility and respiratory functions most often accompany acute diseases. A mechanical ventilator is a machine that helps a patient to breathe properly when he or she is unable to breathe on their own. A hollow tube connects the patient to the ventilator. A patient requires the assistance of a ventilator until he or she is able to breathe on their own.

Who Needs a Mechanical Ventilator?

  • A patient suffering from an acute lung injury
  • A person who has an apnea along with an arresting respiratory condition
  • A person with an acute case of asthma that requires intubation
  • A patient suffering from congestive heart failure
  • A person who has a neurological disease like muscular dystrophy may require respiratory support

What can a Mechanical Ventilator do?

A mechanical ventilator gives respiratory support for people suffering from acute injuries or illnesses. The machine maintains the oxygen level for these patients who otherwise cannot breathe normally. A mechanical ventilator has the following benefits:

  • The patient no longer has to strain to breathe continuously
  • The ventilator helps in maintaining a stable airway
  • The patient’s body remains stable while the medications help to heal the body
  • Aids in restoring the patient’s respiratory system back to normal
  • The patient is given a steady level of oxygen to support the breathing process

Mechanical Ventilation at Dhyan Health Care

All the staffs at Dhyan Health Care are trained in Basic Life Support (BLS). The process helps in improving the blood circulation to the patients brain. Once the patient is stabilized, if he or she has breathing issues, they are transferred to the critical care unit for mechanical ventilation.

  • The mechanical ventilation supports the respiratory function of patients suffering from acute illness
  • The clinic has a separate section of professionals who handle everything related to mechanical ventilation
  • An anesthetist or any professional physician from the department of critical care is authorized to handle things related to mechanical ventilation
  • A department of dedicated staff looks after the patient and provides necessary treatments to promote faster healing of the body

At Dhyan Health Care, Dr. Sivakumar and his team will help you find the most effective treatment for your condition. Every patient is unique. So are their medical conditions. Thus doctors at Dhyan Health Care offer unmatched services with specialized treatment for every patient.

Authored By Dr.V.Sivakumar (M.B.B.S., M.D., FIPM)

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