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Diabetology is a type of medical practice and research that deals with the condition of diabetes mellitus or diabetes, in simple terms. The researchers and practitioners in this particular field are involved in the study, of possible prevention and treatment of the development of different types of diabetes. Diabetology is a part of endocrinology and is pursued by those who have expertise in the field. Diabetologists can identify the risk factors of the condition and diagnose the development of the disease. The doctors can implement a treatment regimen that would keep diabetes under check.

What is involved in diabetology?

The field of diabetology involves the study of the disease as well as the treatment of the types. The researchers take opportunities for learning about the development of the condition. The disease is studied as an issue from birth or near it to the adult-onset stages. Diabetes can be of two types – generally called type 1 and type 2. Both types are starting to impact an increasing number of people in the world. It is important to understand how the condition develops and lead to more efficient medication. There are other approaches that help patients to control their blood glucose levels. This can help people to enjoy a better standard of health.

What studies are conducted in diabetology?

Diabetology research develops and tests new drugs that can control diabetes. It is a very crucial element of diabetology that is currently taking place. The medicines go through rigorous testing before they can be introduced into the marketplace. These medicines can curb the different aspects of diabetic reactions. They can minimize the damage to the eyes and other organs. They even prevent the loss of sensation in the limbs – the arms and the legs. The research also identifies the risk factors that might be involved with the new medicines. They eliminate the chances of medicines having adverse effects on the functioning of the liver, the heart and the respiratory system.

Diabetology research leads to new medications that can help in effectively controlling diabetes and lower the levels of risk to patients.

How does diabetology help people?

Diabetology is focused on aiding patients who are managing their blood sugar levels. They treat the patients to help them minimize the impact on general health. The course of the treatment often involves efficient management of carbohydrate intake depending on the health status of the patient. The treatment also involves the use of medications – oral and otherwise – so that the glucose levels in the body can be controlled.

The type of diabetes involved is taken into account as the path to be taken in order to maintain a safe glucose level in the body. Avoiding high levels of blood glucose in the bloodstream would prevent you from damaging the internal organs. The advances in diabetology have made it easier to keep sugar levels under check so that they do not increase to dangerous levels, with the patient ending up in a diabetic coma.

Authored By Dr.V.Sivakumar (M.B.B.S., M.D., FIPM)

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