Accident and Emergency Medicine

Make the Right Choice with Accident and Emergency Medicine at Dhyan

Getting immediate and effective treatment after an injury would help in faster recovery. Any case of severe injuries always requires immediate medical attention. Emergency medicine is a type of medical specialty that deals with illnesses and injuries that require urgent medical care. Physicians specializing in emergency medicine provide care to patients belonging to all age groups.

Emergency medicine usually focuses on stabilizing a patient with acute injury or illness. Afterward, the patient will be transferred to a critical care.

When does Emergency Medicine unit come into Action?

Most of the patients coming to a hospital may have to attend the department of emergency medicine. From here the patient would be directed to the required areas depending on the type and the severity of the disease. The following conditions require the immediate attention of emergency medications.

  • The patient has suffered from severe burns
  • The patient suffers from a heart attack or other heart conditions
  • The patient has a severe case of stroke or other neurologic condition
  • Severe cases of infections, traumatic injuries and asthma require emergency medicines
  • A patient who suffers from poisoning also requires emergency medicine

Accident and Emergency Medicine at Dhyan Health Care

Dhyan Health Care offers one of the finest accident and emergency medicine and gives the patient suffering from acute disease relief from his or her condition.

  • The staff at Dhyan Health Care are trained in Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • Basic Life Support is  a skill to provide the basic first aid to the patient as per American Heart Association
  • The clinic is well equipped with an ambulance for an accident and emergency care
  • Usually, a patient brought from an accident site is treated with BLS andfirst-hand medications before he or she is brought to the hospital
  • The clinic trains people in the nearby locality, including farmers and policemen, in Basic Life Support
  • Every week almost 100-200 people are trained in Basic Life Support
  • The doctors in the clinic are trained in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support is usually done for treating cardiac arrest, stroke, and other serious cardiovascular emergencies in hospital.
  • Once the patient is stabilized, he or she is transferred to a critical care unit

At Dhyan Health Care, Dr. Sivakumar and a team of dedicated staff will provide you with the most effective treatment for your condition. With effective and immediate treatment, you have a faster chance of recovering from your illness or injury.

Authored By Dr.V.Sivakumar (M.B.B.S., M.D., FIPM)

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