24hrs Ambulatory Blood Pressure

Effective Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring at Dhyan!

Any condition which compromises your health requires prompt and efficient treatment. 24 hours Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring is done to examine blood pressure on a continuous basis. The process helps to identify the type of hypertension the patient suffers from, which also helps in choosing the most effective treatment for the condition. The equipment records multiple blood pressure readings over a 24 hour period. The readings are taken every 20-30 minute during the day time and also at every hour during the night time. The heart rate of the patient can also be recorded during ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.

When to think about Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring?

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring helps to determine the connection between the changes in blood pressure and the patients’ day-to-day activities and their sleeping patterns. An Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring comes in handy during the following situations:

  • The process helps to detect variations in the blood pressure (BP) that sometimes go unnoticed
  • Helpful in detecting white coat hypertension, masked hypertension, and sustained hypertension
  • White coat hypertension is a condition where a patient who does not take any BP lowering medications is misdiagnosed as having high blood pressure when his or her BP is checked at the doctor’s office
  • Masked hypertension is a situation where the patient’s blood pressure appears normal when checked in the doctor’s clinic but elevates once the patient is away from the clinic
  • Sustained hypertension occurs when the blood pressure reading taken at the doctor’s office and at home give elevated results
  • The process is also helpful in detecting hypertension in pregnant women

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring at Dhyan

  • It records the blood pressure of the patient every 30-60 minutes
  • It helps to determine if the patient suffers from hypertension
  • It gives a clear picture of dipping and reversed dipping blood pressure
  • It is normal for a patient with high blood pressure in the morning to have his or her BP reduced by 10% at night (dipping blood pressure)
  • If the patient has normal BP in the morning, but his or her blood pressure significantly increases by 10%, it could be indicative of organ damage (reversed dipping blood pressure)
  • The procedure also helps in determining the next level of treatment for these patients
  • The equipment for recording Ambulatory Blood Pressure is exclusive to Dhyan Health Care at Kovilpatti/ Kalugumalai

At Dhyan Health Care, Dr. Sivakumar and his team will help you discover the most effective treatment for your condition. Every patient is given specialized treatment and offers one hundred percent patient satisfaction.

Authored By Dr.V.Sivakumar (M.B.B.S., M.D., FIPM)

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